U.S. News Consumption in the Age of Convenience

The Wibbitz Newsroom | Q1 Report

We demand convenience. Whether it be with transportation, daily chores, or news and media consumption, consumers are looking for the quickest and easiest way to get things done. Instead of tuning in for the 6 o’clock broadcast to get our news, convenience means watching videos on our smartphones, relying on social media, or checking our favorite website at work.

We set out to better understand how U.S. audiences are consuming content today. In this inaugural quarterly report from The Wibbitz Newsroom, we take a look at:

  • Millennials’ Media Habits

  • How Habits Differ Between U.S. Regions

  • Male v. Female Habits

  • How Social Media Preference Impacts Consumption

  • News Junkies v. News Dabblers Patterns


You'll discover rich (and some surprising) information to help guide content creation and distribution strategies. We're a curious team at Wibbitz, and always working to better understand how consumers are connecting with content. Look out for our future reports each quarter as we unravel audiences' changing patterns and preferences.