Live Video, Chatbots, Wearables & VR:
Investing in the Future of News Technologies

Wibbitz Research Hub | Consumer Report

As more and more technologies are introduced into the media and publishing industry, which ones are actually being used by news consumers? How can publishers leverage new media technologies to reach their target audience? Which technologies should publishers be investing in?

We set out to find how audiences really feel about the new media technologies publishers are exploring as of late - Live Video, Chatbots, Wearables and VR - and uncovered how media companies should be investing in new means of content distribution to reach their target audience. In our consumer report we take a look at:


  • How audiences feel about Live Video, Chatbots, Wearables and VR as a way to get the news

  • How news consumers' preference and adoption patterns contribute to overall perception of new media technologies

  • Which type of audience each new media technology caters to

  • Which technologies publishers should be prioritizing in their content strategies - now, and in the future

You'll discover practical (and some surprising) information that will help you make smart investment decisions for a successful content distribution strategy. We're a curious team at Wibbitz, and always working to better understand how consumers are connecting with content. Look out for our future reports as we unravel audiences' changing patterns and preferences.