Personalized, Silent & Mobile:
The Video Advertising Trifecta

Wibbitz Research Hub | Q2 Report

While audience demand for digital video is at an all time high, is it high enough for them to sit through the inevitable ad? Are there ways to keep an audience engaged while still earning significant ad revenue? Are there certain types of ads that work best on specific devices and platforms?

We set out to find how audiences really feel about the current trends in digital video advertising, and uncovered the best ways to monetize your content without antagonizing your readers. In our quarterly report from the Wibbitz Research Hub, we take a look at:

  • Who's watching online video and where they're watching it

  • How video ads affect the consumer content experience

  • Common ad avoidance behavior: skipping, blocking, subscribing... or none of the above

  • Which video ad formats & trends your audiences will (and won't) tolerate

"Consumers prefer a streamlined, start-to-finish experience when consuming content."

You'll discover practical (and some surprising) information to help guide your digital video monetization strategies on both mobile and desktop. We're a curious team at Wibbitz, and always working to better understand how consumers are connecting with content. Look out for our future reports each quarter as we unravel audiences' changing patterns and preferences.